Sunday, 4 November 2012

Not a moment to soon! or ..Man oh man where have you been !

I often think of the times when it would feel as if the well had run dry and the weather was conspiring against me - meaning it was getting too cold for the guys to take off their shirts and I was left standing with a camera at the ready ...yet no opportunities presented themselves.
So,  I made it a mission to step outside of my usual method and start taking clandestine shots of guys or just making a plea for some random act of kindness to happen and sure enough a guy would have his shirt off and would say yes to the undress!!

Those opportunities still made for some revealing evidenced below.

I am happy to say that the body types that you can observe run the gamut from too skinny (for my tastes) to quite large and everything in between.

2013 should prove to be a good year of roaming Provincetown and promoting World Pride in Toronto in the summer of 2014, we do after all have to become ambassadors for the city and let as many guys as possible know that Toronto will be ready to host them with substance and style .

As the warmer weather becomes a distant memory

As the temperatures drop & I look around, I  see there appear to be more and more layers being added :-(  hiding the fantastic physiques under all that cloth, I find myself coming back to the images of these men who essentially bare it all.  and now I long for the warmer weather or the opportunity to get to a destination where the sun keeps the guys shirtless.

 Whether they lay about on a water floatation device ...
 Dance their butts off and go shirtless at the daily T-Dance
 Or just offer up a pose

Provincetown holds the enviable title of an open and friendly little town - not every guy is built like they only work out and laze in the sun, but when you come across that guy who has built up his body and is not afraid to pose - take advantage and snap away !

Friday, 24 August 2012

 I love the idea of seeing T-shirts with wit, and worn with the knowledge that people will comment,
 Here are a few of the selections from this year, with more to come in a few of the upcoming posts.
 Sexy, Sweet and inspiring !

 Some that took a me a few reads to "get it"
Or some with a universal message. :-}

Thursday, 23 August 2012

The sheer musculature on this guy was is a man over 40,  and yet so very committed to maintaining a toned if not overly muscular physique..he certainly drew a lot of attention to himself.

But I believe that is the point. :)

 The Leather scene - definitely can be a sexy look and works for these guys!
 And then what some might consider religious jewellery such as the Peace Sign (I'm sure I can see a hand reaching for a Piece of him :p)  -  and the oversized cross on the beautifully buff guy,  I am sure he had lots of men praying in front him !

 What I liked about this series of images is there are 4 very different men, different ethnicities and yet a lot of similarities.
 Black and white shots always present to me a slightly more romantic - it is hard not to notice the extremely muscular legs and buttocks on this man - who happened to not speak english.
 And I may be revealing too much when I say I was supremely happy when the fad to shave off all of your body hair ended and there was a return to body hair  (under control- but still there).
And yet, I can completely admire a naturally hairless specimen of a man, noting the awesome treasure trail !

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

So after roaming the streets in Provincetown, Mass. I found myself surrounded by thousands of men without shirts, for a person who has never been to Provincetown there are things to know ahead of time...
Bring lots of T-shirts with cool logos or sayings as they are as sure to draw as much attention as being shirtless does, plus it offers people the opportunity to strike up a conversation if your t-shirt has a way of starting the dialogue!

This year Provincetown had taken on a different feeling over years past, and most of that was owing to the change in policy of the main T-dance attraction, the Boatslip, would sell a weekly access pass which might have saved you $10.00 overall in the week on the daily cover charge. This year, greed won them over & they were not offering the weekly pass plus,  they had higher entry prices and charged access fees on the day of the carnival ( a first in all my years of attending), for that,  I offer up a SHAME ON YOU to the Boatslip for what was clearly a money grab!
For my money I would prefer to attend the Wave Bar or the Pied after Tea where the music is great and there is no cover!

Bayside Betsy's was excellent for a first night dinner and each restaurant selection improved on the last, we dined at the Crown & Anchor, Napi's, The Mayflower & Provincetown Pizza, we avoided the standard Lobster Pot and discovered The Lunch Box and Blondies Burgers,  all well priced and excellent food and service.

After a night of partying everyone has to head to Spiritus at 1am for a slice of pizza, or a float or ice cream - and just watch as the evening antics unfold. If I could upload video here there would certainly be some laughs to be had.

This might actually be Pappa Bear

When opportunity knocks it may prove to be a hairy situation - run with it!

The idea of being able to stop a perfect stranger on the street and ask if you can photograph them is not new, but with the advent of the internet and the sometimes questionable ways people have their images abused online, it does surprise me that men are so very willing to have me photograph them.
 It certainly helps that I do show them I am not taking their faces in the shot - though sometimes I have asked if I can include their face and it is rare they say no.
In this image, taken as I exited the great barbershop in Provincetown this man was just finishing locking up his bike, when I was given permission to take his picture.
At first glance I was taken by the background where it looked as if the resident exiting their doorway was turning away from the camera, instead I realize it is another person with a cell-phone affliction, unable to put the phone down as they go about their day, I often wonder how we ever got by without a cellphone or an e-book?
The art of actually talking to people on the streets face to face is definitely becoming a lost art, my asking people if I can take their chest shot helps to break the cycle of e-communication..I have made many a friend in Provincetown just by virtue of having taken their picture, year after year those same people remember me though not often by name but always by my photos!